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Living Your Life on Purpose

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Purpose is a powerful thing. The simple act of having one can improve your health, reduce your risk of disease and make you happier and more productive. And a purpose-led life isn’t just for the privileged few – it’s for everyone, including you. In Discover What’s Next: Living Your Life on Purpose, you’ll join Richard Leider, renowned life coach, best-selling author and thought-leader at Life Reimagined, in exploring how your gifts, passions and values can guide you toward a greater sense of purpose and bring more joy to your years.
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Course Outline

What You Can Expect from this Course

Week 1: The Power of Purpose

This week is about understanding what purpose is and why it is absolutely essential to your health and happiness. Richard also introduces you to the six practices of purpose that will form the basis for our work in weeks 2 and 3.

Lesson 1 The Two Most Important Days In Life
Lesson 2 This Isn’t What I Was Expecting
Lesson 3 Purpose is for Everyone
Lesson 4 The Six Practices of Purpose
Week 2: Reflect, Connect, Explore

This week is about the first three practices on the purpose pathway – Reflect, Connect, and Explore. Remember – the process works if you work the process, so take your time getting comfortable with these practices and finding ways to work them into your life. You’ll be glad you did.

Lesson 5 Reflect
Lesson 6 Connect
Lesson 7 Explore
Week 3: Choose, Repack, Act

In this last week, we shift to the last three practices on your Purpose Pathway – 
Choose, Repack, and Act.

Lesson 8 Choose
Lesson 9 Repack
Lesson 10 Act

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Richard Leider

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Richard Leider

Richard Leider is the author of several books, including the bestsellers The Power of Purpose, Life Reimagined, and Repacking Your Bags and a thought leader with Life Reimagined. Richard is one of America’s pre-eminent executive life coaches. He is ranked by Forbes as one of the “Top 5” most respected executive coaches in the United States.

Richard holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling and is a National Certified Counselor (NCC), a National Certified Career Counselor (NCCC), and a National Certified Master Career Counselor (MCC). Leider is a senior fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing, a guest lecturer in the Harvard Business School and a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal, NPR, The New York Times and USA Today.

For 30 years, Richard has led Inventure Expedition walking safaris in Tanzania, East Africa, where he co-founded and is a board member of the Dorobo Fund for Tanzania. He and his wife, Sally, live on the St. Croix River outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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